May 21, 2024
Working While Studying in the UK 2023
Are you interested in earning a little extra spending money or improving your CV, Working While Studying in the UK? If so, it is important to be fully aware of what you can and cannot

Are you interested in earning a little extra spending money or improving your CV by Working While Studying in the UK in 2023? If so, it is important to be fully aware of what you can and cannot do on your student visa in regard to working in the UK.

If you are thinking of applying to study in the UK and need more information about courses, universities, and scholarships, arrange a free consultation at our offices in Lagos or Abuja today!

How many hours can a full-time student work in the UK?

During term time, Nigerian students can work for a maximum of:

  • 20 hours a week if you are studying at the undergraduate or master’s level at a higher education institution
  • 20 hours a week if you are on a study abroad program at an “overseas higher education institution” in the UK
  • 10 hours a week if you are studying a course that is below degree (college or English program) level at an HEI

There are no working restrictions for students from the European Union (EU), but whether Brexit changes this is still unclear. Your work conditions, including the maximum hours you can work during term time, are normally printed on your visa sticker or Biometric Residence Permit.

How is a week defined?

Immigration rules define a week as a “period of 7 days beginning with a Monday”. If you have irregular hours or more than one employer, it is up to you to keep detailed records so that you are not in danger of invalidating your visa restrictions.

How is the term time defined?

Each higher education institution has clearly defined semesters throughout the academic year, including specific breaks for holidays such as Christmas, Easter, and summer. During these breaks, you can work full-time at your job if you wish. Since 2014, employers have had a legal obligation to check your term dates before you can start work.
Best part-time jobs for international students

Working part-time includes additional spending money, improving your English, and acquiring key skills which will benefit your future and CV. If you are interested in finding part-time work in the UK, there are a variety of different options to choose from.

Jobs such as a coffee shop barista or a clothing sales assistant are easy to find, especially in larger cities such as London, Birmingham, and Manchester, but why not enquire with your school about available roles? Many institutions have positions readily available for students, and it looks great on your CV as well!
Learn more about studying in the UK

Are you interested in studying in the UK? Search over 65,000 courses from our database, and learn about the available study options to choose from. Don’t forget our offices in Lagos and Abuja can answer all your questions, so why not arrange a free consultation?

UK Student Visa Application

SI-UK’s visa consultant is registered with the Home Office OISC* (Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner) and has extensive knowledge of the latest immigration legislation, rules and regulations.

The Tier 4 (General) Student Visa was rebranded as the Student Visa at the end of 2020 and in June 2021, the Graduate Visa was also introduced, allowing international student graduates to look for work in the UK for 2-3 years (degree dependent) after graduation. To be eligible for a Student Visa in the UK, you must have received a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies, and meet the points-based immigration system threshold.

SI-UK’s Student Visa Service offers advice and assistance to international students wishing to obtain a UK visa, specializing in:

  • General Student visa
  • Child Student visa
  • Short-term study visa (for English language courses lasting 6-11 months)

If you would like to use the Student Visa Service or have any questions, arrange a free consultation with our visa team in London by using the form below.

Student Visa and Visitor Visa Application Services

Working While Studying in the UK Visitor Visa Student Visa
Service charge £240 £300
Supply a visa questionnaire for you to answer and provide a checklist of documents required by UKVI ✓ ✓
Advise on document preparation and assessment in accordance with immigration rules and regulations ✓ ✓
Fill in your online visa application form ✓ ✓
Assist with queries regarding the Immigration Health Surcharge payment and visa application fees ✓ ✓
Answer all your inquiries throughout the whole visa process ✓ ✓

The standard Home Office fee for a Student visa application made outside of the UK is £348, for both the main applicant (general student and child student) and each dependent. For visa applications made inside the UK, it is £475 for both the main applicant (general student and child student) and each dependent.

Once CAS is received and all your documents are qualified, SI-UK will submit your application online. Results will be expected within one working day of your biometrics appointment taking place. This service does not guarantee a successful visa application.

Student Visa Application Process

In order to complete your UK study visa application quickly and increase its likelihood of success, your immigration matter will be dealt with in a few simple stages:

  1. Free initial consultation
  2. Provide a checklist for necessary supporting documents
  3. Completion and submission of your online application to UKVI
  4. Book a biometrics appointment for your documents to be submitted at a UK visa center
  5. Communicate with UK visa and immigration on your behalf

Types of UK Study Visa

Types of student visa Who can apply?
General Student visa You can apply for a general student visa to study in the UK if:

  • You’re 16 years old or over
  • Studying for a foundation, A-Levels, undergraduate, postgraduate, pre-master, or Ph.D. program
Child Student visa You can apply for a Child Student visa if:

  • You’re between 4-17 years old
  • Want to study at an independent school with a sponsor license
Short-term Student visa You can apply for a Short-term Student visa if you are studying English language courses lasting between 6-11 months.
Visitor visa You can apply for a Visitor visa if:

  • You are studying a course that lasts less than six months at an accredited institution
  • Undertaking research as an academic
  • Studying an elective
  • Taking part in an educational exchange
  • Attending a recreational course that lasts for 30 days maximum
Graduate visa You can apply for a Graduate visa if you plan on staying in the UK for two years after successfully completing an undergraduate degree.

Graduate Visa Route

The post-study work visa allows international students studying undergraduate and postgraduate courses at UK universities to look for work in the UK for 2-3 years after graduation (course dependent).

During this period students can work at any skill level without requiring to meet the conditions of a minimum threshold salary or job sponsorship from employers and the Graduate Route is a great way for international students to access the lucrative UK labor market.

Learn more about Working While Studying in the UK in 2023

Are you interested in working while studying in the UK in 2023? Click to learn how to apply for UK studies and have a chance to live in the United Kingdom

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