May 21, 2024
Top 15 Indian Restaurants in Fremont, CA

Discover the top 15 Indian restaurants in Fremont, offering a diverse range of authentic and innovative dishes. From traditional curries to street food delights and coastal delicacies, experience the vibrant flavours of India. Find vegetarian and gluten-free options, family-friendly atmospheres, and convenient takeout and delivery services. Make a reservation and embark on a culinary journey through the tastes of India.

Indian cuisine is renowned for its rich flavors, aromatic spices, and diverse range of dishes. In Fremont, California, there are several exceptional Indian restaurants that offer an authentic and memorable dining experience. From traditional classics to modern fusion creations, these top Indian restaurants in Fremont cater to the diverse palates of locals and visitors alike. Let’s explore some of the finest Indian dining establishments in the area.

Saffron Indian Cuisine – A Taste of Tradition

Saffron Indian Cuisine is a charming restaurant located in the heart of Fremont. With its warm and inviting ambiance, Saffron takes you on a culinary journey through India. Their extensive menu features a wide variety of dishes, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. The restaurant specializes in North Indian cuisine, known for its robust flavors and tandoori delicacies. Whether you’re craving butter chicken, biryani, or freshly baked naan, Saffron has it all. Account Log In – Complete Guide

Spice of India – A Gastronomic Adventure

Spice of India is a hidden gem tucked away in a vibrant corner of Fremont. This restaurant prides itself on its commitment to quality and authenticity. The menu showcases a fusion of regional Indian flavors, highlighting the diversity of Indian culinary traditions. From aromatic curries to tangy street food delights, Spice of India offers a wide array of choices for every palate. Don’t miss their signature dishes like masala dosa, chicken tikka masala, and gulab jamun.

Tandoori Oven – Grilled Perfection

Tandoori Oven is a popular Indian restaurant known for its tantalising tandoori dishes. The restaurant’s clay oven imparts a unique smoky flavour to its kebabs, naans, and biryanis. The menu showcases a harmonious blend of flavours from various regions of India. From the fiery vindaloo to the creamy butter paneer, Tandoori Oven’s menu is a treat for all senses. The attentive service and cosy atmosphere create an inviting space for diners to enjoy their culinary journey through India.

Bombay Chaat House – Street Food Extravaganza

If you’re craving the vibrant and flavourful street food of India, look no further than Bombay Chaat House. This lively and bustling restaurant brings the bustling streets of Mumbai to Fremont. Known for its chaats, a popular category of Indian street food, Bombay Chaat House offers a variety of savoury and tangy snacks like pani puri, bhel puri, and samosas. The bold and zesty flavours will transport you to the bustling streets of India, making it a must-visit for street food enthusiasts.

Udipi Palace – South Indian Delights

Udipi Palace brings the authentic flavours of South India to Fremont. This vegetarian restaurant is renowned for its delectable dosas, idlis, and vadas. The menu features a wide range of vegetarian dishes inspired by the culinary traditions of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. From the crispy masala dosa to the fluffy idlis served with coconut chutney and sambar, Udipi Palace offers a unique dining experience for those seeking the taste of South India.

Curry Up Now – Indian Street Food with a Twist

Curry Up Now revolutionizes the concept of Indian street food by infusing it with a modern twist. This innovative restaurant blends traditional Indian flavours with a contemporary culinary approach. The menu features creative dishes like tikka masala burritos, paneer tikka poutine, and deconstructed samosas. Curry Up Now’s vibrant and playful atmosphere combined with its delicious and Instagram-worthy food make it a popular choice among food enthusiasts looking for a unique dining experience.

Biryani Factory – Aromatic Rice Delicacies

Biryani Factory is a haven for biryani lovers in Fremont. This restaurant specialises in the art of biryani-making, serving aromatic rice dishes that are a symphony of spices and flavours. From the fragrant chicken biryani to the mouth-watering vegetable biryani, Biryani Factory offers an extensive selection of biryanis to satisfy every palate. The skilled chefs use traditional cooking techniques and premium ingredients to ensure an authentic and memorable biryani experience.

 Sankranti – Celebrating Festivals through Food

Sankranti is a unique Indian restaurant that celebrates the diverse culinary traditions of India by highlighting regional festivals and their associated cuisines. The menu changes periodically to showcase dishes specific to certain festivals, allowing diners to experience the rich cultural heritage of Indian cuisine. From the vibrant colours of Holi to the indulgent sweets of Diwali, Sankranti’s menu is a journey through India’s festive traditions, offering a truly immersive dining experience.

Swagat Indian Cuisine – Flavours of Gujarat

Swagat Indian Cuisine brings the vibrant flavours of Gujarat, a state in western India, to Fremont. Known for its vegetarian cuisine and unique blend of sweet and savoury flavours, Gujarati food is a delightful culinary experience. Swagat offers a variety of dishes like dhokla, khandvi, and the popular Gujarati thali. The thali consists of a selection of curries, lentils, breads, and sweets, providing a complete and satisfying meal. Swagat’s warm hospitality and authentic Gujarati dishes make it a top choice for those seeking an introduction to the culinary traditions of Gujarat.

Spice of India – Coastal Delicacies

Spice of India takes you on a gastronomic journey along India’s coastal regions. This restaurant specialises in seafood dishes inspired by the coastal cuisines of Goa, Kerala, and Mangalore. From the tangy and spicy Goan fish curry to the fragrant Malabar prawn biryani, Spice of India offers an array of mouth-watering seafood delicacies. The use of freshly ground spices and aromatic herbs ensures that every bite is bursting with flavour. With its coastal-inspired decor and menu, Spice of India brings the taste of the sea to Fremont.

Shalimar Restaurant – Mughlai Grandeur

Shalimar Restaurant is a culinary gem that showcases the grandeur of Mughlai cuisine. This establishment pays homage to the rich culinary traditions of the Mughal Empire, known for its opulent dishes and intricate flavours. Shalimar’s menu features indulgent dishes like butter chicken, lamb korma, and biryanis cooked with fragrant basmati rice. The rich and creamy gravies, infused with a blend of aromatic spices, transport diners to the royal courts of the Mughals. Shalimar Restaurant offers a regal dining experience that captivates both the palate and the senses.

Chaat Bhavan – Street Food Delights

Chaat Bhavan is a popular spot for Indian street food enthusiasts in Fremont. This casual eatery brings the vibrant and tangy flavours of Indian chaat to the table. From the crispy and spicy pani puri to the indulgent aloo tikki, Chaat Bhavan offers a wide variety of vegetarian street food snacks. The combination of sweet, sour, and spicy flavours creates a burst of taste with every bite. Chaat Bhavan’s lively and bustling atmosphere adds to the authentic street food experience, making it a favourite among locals and visitors alike.

Heading 13: Dosa Republic – South Indian Creations

Dosa Republic is a haven for dosa lovers seeking unique and creative variations of this South Indian staple. The restaurant offers a wide selection of dosas, ranging from classic favourites to innovative and fusion creations. Whether you prefer a traditional masala dosa or want to try something adventurous like a paneer tikka dosa, Dosa Republic has something to satisfy every craving. The dosas are made with precision and skill, ensuring a perfect balance of crispiness and flavours. Dosa Republic is a must-visit for dosa enthusiasts looking for a delicious and contemporary twist.

Biryani Factory Express – Quick and Tasty Biryani

For those on the go, Biryani Factory Express provides a quick and flavourful biryani fix. This fast-casual restaurant offers a simplified menu focused on biryanis cooked to perfection. The biryanis are prepared with fragrant rice, tender meat or vegetables, and a blend of aromatic spices. Whether you choose chicken, lamb, or vegetarian options, Biryani Factory Express ensures that each biryani is packed with delicious flavours and served piping hot. It’s the ideal choice for a satisfying and convenient meal without compromising on taste.

Tava Kitchen – Modern Indian Fare

Tava Kitchen brings a modern twist to traditional Indian cuisine. With a focus on fresh and locally sourced ingredients, this restaurant offers a menu that reflects the vibrant and diverse flavours of India. From their signature butter chicken bowl to innovative dishes like masala tacos and curry burritos, Tava Kitchen caters to the evolving tastes of food enthusiasts. The use of quality ingredients and creative combinations make each dish a delightful fusion of traditional and contemporary flavours.


Fremont boasts a vibrant Indian culinary scene, and these top 15 Indian restaurants offer a wide array of flavours and dining experiences. From traditional classics to modern fusion creations, each restaurant has its own unique charm and specialties. Whether you’re craving North Indian curries, South Indian dosas, street food delights, or coastal seafood, Fremont has something to satisfy every palate. Explore the diverse and rich Indian cuisine in Fremont and embark on a gastronomic journey through the flavours of India.

FAQs about Indian Restaurants in Fremont

1. Are these Indian restaurants suitable for vegetarians? Yes, many of these Indian restaurants in Fremont offer a wide range of vegetarian options to cater to different dietary preferences.

2. Can I find gluten-free dishes at these Indian restaurants? Absolutely! Several of the Indian restaurants featured in this list offer gluten-free options, ensuring that diners with specific dietary needs can enjoy a delicious meal.

3. Are these Indian restaurants family-friendly? Yes, these Indian restaurants are generally family-friendly and provide a welcoming atmosphere for diners of all ages.

4. Do these Indian restaurants offer takeout or delivery services? Yes, most of these Indian restaurants offer takeout and delivery services, allowing you to enjoy their delectable dishes in the comfort of your own home.

5. How can I make a reservation at these Indian restaurants? Reservations can usually be made by contacting the restaurants directly or through their online booking platforms. It is recommended to make a reservation, especially during peak hours, to ensure a seamless dining experience.

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