May 21, 2024
2 Liverpool Midfield Targets Are VERY High

2 Liverpool Midfield Targets: As Liverpool looks to bolster their midfield options in the transfer market, the club faces a challenging task due to the imminent departures of Jordan Henderson and Fabinho. With their premium players on the verge of moving to the Saudi Pro League for a combined £52 million, Liverpool’s need for reinforcements has escalated significantly. In this article, we explore the potential targets on their radar and the financial hurdles they may encounter in securing new talent.

Liverpool’s Search for Midfield Gems

As the transfer window unfolds, Liverpool has been forced to address the departure of two vital midfielders from the previous season. This has created a pressing demand for new signings to maintain the team’s competitive edge. With a long list of potential candidates already in the mix, the Reds are actively scouting for the best fits to enhance their midfield strength.

The 2 Liverpool Midfield Targets and Their Price Tags

  1. Cheick Doucoure – Crystal Palace

One prominent target on Liverpool’s radar is Crystal Palace’s Cheick Doucoure. The 23-year-old midfielder had an impressive debut season in the Premier League after being acquired from Lens for a modest £18 million last summer. However, with his standout performances, Doucoure’s value has skyrocketed, with Crystal Palace now valuing him at a staggering “minimum £70 million” according to the Mail’s Sami Mokbel.

  1. Joao Palhinha – Fulham

Another name circulating as a potential signing for Liverpool is Joao Palhinha of Fulham. The 28-year-old Portugal international has proven himself as a formidable presence in midfield. Fulham, well aware of his worth, has attached an eye-watering £80 million price tag to the player. Additionally, Palhinha’s contract until 2027 puts Fulham in a strong negotiating position, having already rejected a £45 million offer from West Ham.

Navigating the High-Value Market

While Liverpool acknowledges the necessity of fresh acquisitions, the exorbitant price tags on Doucoure and Palhinha have raised concerns.

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Clubs are fully aware of Liverpool’s predicament and may play hardball during negotiations. However, given the club’s determination to reinforce their squad, they may be willing to make significant financial commitments to secure the right players.

The Path to Rebuilding

With Jordan Henderson and Fabinho on the verge of departing, Liverpool is presented with a significant opportunity to revamp their midfield. The potential signings of Doucoure and Palhinha could mark the beginning of a new era for the Reds. Although the two players are at different stages of their careers, their individual qualities could be vital additions to the squad’s dynamics and style of play.

Liverpool’s Approach: Learning from Past Deals

Liverpool’s past transfer dealings offer insight into their strategy for securing new talent. The recent signing of Dominik Szoboszlai is a prime example, with the club swiftly finalizing the deal after public confirmation of their interest. This indicates that the Reds are prepared to act decisively and efficiently to secure the right player at the right price.


Liverpool’s pursuit of midfield reinforcements is well underway, with Crystal Palace’s Cheick Doucoure and Fulham’s Joao Palhinha emerging as primary targets. Despite the substantial price tags associated with these players, Liverpool’s determination to rebuild their squad remains unwavering. As the transfer window progresses, negotiations will be crucial for the Reds to secure the midfield talent they need for the upcoming season. With potential departures and new signings on the horizon, Liverpool fans eagerly await the club’s next moves to strengthen their beloved team.


  1. Are Jordan Henderson and Fabinho leaving Liverpool?

    Yes, both players are reportedly moving closer to a move to the Saudi Pro League for a combined fee of £52 million.

  2. Who are the midfield targets Liverpool is considering?

    Liverpool is considering Crystal Palace’s Cheick Doucoure, Fulham’s Joao Palhinha, and Southampton’s Romeo Lavia as potential midfield targets.

  3. What are the reported price tags for the midfield targets?

    Crystal Palace values Cheick Doucoure at a “minimum £70 million,” while Fulham has set an £80 million price tag on Joao Palhinha.

  4. How did Liverpool sign Dominik Szoboszlai?

    Liverpool finalized the signing of Dominik Szoboszlai quickly after publicly confirming their interest in the player.

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