Apply for the Sherryl Kintu Scholarship 2022/2023 – Law School Scholarships

Sherryl Kintu Scholarship 2022

Apply for the Sherryl Kintu Scholarship 2022/2023 – Law School Scholarships

Are you looking to progress in your career, but wondering how you will be able to fund your studies? We understand that studying at university can be a challenging financial commitment, which is why we offer support that could help you achieve your ambitions.
You can apply for the Sherryl Kintu scholarship 2022/2023 as a Law School student under postgraduate, undergraduate, or external scholarships

Who is Eligible for a Scholarship or Bursary?

Our wide range of scholarships and bursaries are awarded based on need or merit (or a combination of the two). As the number of available awards is limited, we would recommend that you plan where possible to ensure you can meet the costs associated with your course without the need for an award. You can find more information about other funding sources on our undergraduate or postgraduate fees and funding pages.

  • The awards listed below are available for students beginning a course during the 2021/22 and 2022/23 academic years
  • Scholarships are not applicable to students studying via GISMA Business School in Berlin
  • If you’re an international applicant, take a look at our International Scholarships and Bursaries

How can you apply for scholarship awards?

The majority of our awards are designed so that you only need to make one scholarship application in order to be considered for all relevant awards. We’ve created a grid for you to see all of this clearly. To apply for any of these awards, you will need to have received an offer for one of our courses. To get started, simply follow the link provided in your offer letter.

Some awards have a bespoke application route and are not included in the standard process outlined above. Details on how to apply for each of these awards can be found in the ‘External Scholarships’ section of this web page.


Some of our awards are needs-based and have specific Widening Participation criteria. This is to ensure awards go to students whose backgrounds are under-represented in Higher Education. When you access the scholarship application form following the link in your offer letter, you’ll be asked to confirm which of the Widening Participation criteria you possess. For the 2021/22 and 2022/23 academic years, our Widening Participation criteria mean that applicants will need to provide evidence of one of the following:

  • Any experience in local authority care (under the age of 25)
  • Estrangement from family (under the age of 25)
  • Refugee status
  • Being a carer (unpaid) for a friend or family member who could not cope without your support (age 25 and under)
  • Have a registered disability
  • Low household income is demonstrated by:
    • Being in receipt of Income Support, Job Seeker’s Allowance, or Employment and Support Allowance
    • Being in receipt of Universal Credit
    • Being in receipt of, or living with a parent/guardian in receipt of Asylum Support
    • Being in receipt of free school meals
    • Being in receipt of a 16-19 Bursary in England or EMA (Education Maintenance Allowance) in Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland
    • Being in receipt of Learner Support (FE 19+) or equivalent FE funding for Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland
    • Living with a parent/guardian in receipt of Child Tax Credit where the candidate is named on the award and the household income used to calculate the tax credits is less than £25,000.
    • Living with a parent/guardian in receipt of Income Support, Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance, or Income-based Employment and Support Allowance.
    • Living with a parent/guardian in receipt of Universal Credit, if the annual household take-home pay as stated on the award is less than £25,000.
    • Later in the process, you will be asked to provide evidence of this before any award is confirmed.

What is the online assessment?

For some awards, we use an online assessment designed by our Academic Team and tested by a student panel in order to help us identify successful candidates. The assessment does not require any prior knowledge or preparation and is intended to provide an objective assessment of critical thinking and reasoning. It is a timed test that lasts for 30 minutes which you can sit when you are ready. For students who usually receive additional time for assessments, this can be requested via the scholarships application form link within your offer letter in advance of taking the test.

Studying in The USA: Applying for a Student Visa

When you complete the test, you’ll be advised as to whether or not you have ‘passed’ the basic test threshold score of 10 for undergraduate or 12 for postgraduate. Students scoring below the pass mark will not be in receipt of any award that has the online assessment as one of the criteria. Passing the test does not mean that you have automatically secured an award. Instead, your score, along with any other eligibility criteria will be compared to others once the application window has closed.

Scholarship Overview

The Sherryl Kintu Scholarship has been set up as a tribute to, and in recognition of, the passions and interests of Sherryl Kintu. Sherryl was a dedicated employee of Global University Systems for over nine years where she rose from Executive Assistant to a Director level position.

Sherryl sadly passed away in April 2021. Sherryl was passionate about the Entrepreneurial spirit of Black women while also highly creative in the Arts. The award has been set up to support students with the same passion and ambition throughout their time at University.

What is the award amount?
1 full-fee award for a student beginning their course in September / October 2022. The award would be for the duration of the undergraduate programme.

What are the eligibility criteria for the Sherryl Kintu Scholarship 2022?

You will need to:

  • have received an offer for one of our undergraduate courses
  • meet the Widening Participation criteria
  • have the highest score in the online assessment
  • demonstrate passion, drive, and business/entrepreneurial acumen through your personal statement in your course application
  • require financial support (further details/evidence may be required regarding financial need).

How to apply for the Sherryl Kintu Scholarship 2022?

  • Follow the scholarship link in your offer letter
  • Add your Widening Participation details to the form
  • Complete the online scholarships assessment
  • We’ll review your personal statement from your course application, so you don’t need to submit this again
  • We’ll then shortlist up to 3 candidates who
    will be reviewed by the Sherryl Kintu Scholarship Committee which will select a winner based on the above criteria.

What is the application deadline?

  • Sunday 3rd July 2022

When will the winners be announced?

  • Thursday 18th August 2022

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