Move to Canada for Nursing Jobs with the Highest Pay Outs

Move to Canada for Nursing Jobs

Move to Canada for Nursing Jobs with the Highest Pay Outs

Move to Canada for Nursing Jobs – Whether you are a nurse from the Philippines, India, or any other nation, you aspire to land the perfect job that gives you satisfaction and wonderful benefits. As a nursing professional, you may already know your chosen fields of specialty; however, listed below are the top nursing jobs in Canada offering the highest salaries and the best perks.Move to Canada for Nursing Jobs

The table below provides information on the job outlook, educational requirements, and salary.
Move to Canada for Nursing Jobs

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Job Title Job Description Educational Requirements Salary
1. Certified Nurse Midwife
As expected by 2020, the jobs for certified nurse-midwife will grow by 26%.
The highly paid job responsibilities of a certified nurse-midwife involve educating mothers about aspects of pregnancy, caring for pregnant women from the initial stages until the baby is born, and thereafter, educating mothers about prenatal care. To work as a certified nurse-midwife, you need to complete a nurse-midwifery program along with a master’s degree in nursing. A Certified Nurse Midwife earns a median salary ranging from $80,000 to $100,000.
2. Geriatric Nurse
The forecast says this field of nursing will see a significant increase in job availability over the next decade, showing a growth of between 19% and 26%.
Geriatric Nurse Practitioners take care of elderly patients facing health challenges owing to aging. Geriatric nurses monitor the onset of new diseases, ensure proper health and nutrition, and ensure there is no further health deterioration. To become a Geriatric Nurse, you need to be a registered nurse first, then pursue a specialization or take a certification exam in the field. The median salary of a Geriatric Nurse is $91,000.
3. Pediatric Endocrinology Nurse
By the year 2020, the projected job growth for Pediatric Endocrinology is 26%.
Nurses with Pediatric Endocrinology specializations take care of children suffering from endocrine ailments. Their job role involves educating patients and their families about food and nutrition, best health practices, possible physical growth or sexual development issues, and the precautions they can take. To work as a Pediatric Endocrinology Nurse, you should be a Registered Nurse first in the country you want to work in. A certification or training in the endocrinology field is an added advantage and can give brighter career prospects. The median salary of a Pediatric Endocrinology Nurse is $81,000.
4. Nurse Practitioner
The forecast says, by 2018, the demand for nurse practitioners will grow by 19%.
Nurse practitioners are always in demand, especially in primary healthcare facilities. They work collaboratively with physicians to provide a wide range of healthcare services. Their area of specialization includes women’s health, family care practice & pediatrics in nursing homes and private clinics. An RN license is necessary, with a minimum MSN (Masters of Science in Nursing) to become a nurse practitioner. The salary of a Nurse Practitioner is $78,000.
5. Dialysis Nurse Dialysis Nurse is now the fastest growing and highest paid nursing specialty. There is a great demand for Dialysis Nurses to work in medical hospitals, emergency care centers, and dialysis clinics. To be a Dialysis Nurse, you need an RN License and a minimum experience of 2,000 hours in taking care of dialysis and nephrology patients in the last two years. In order to be a certified Dialysis Nurse, you need to pass an official certification test, as well. The median salary of a certified Dialysis Nurse is $63,500.

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