Fully Funded Scholarships 2022 with Low IELTS Bands Admission for International Student

Applicants with low IELTS scores can now apply for fully funded scholarships 2022 with low IELTS and can very much take advantage of studying abroad for free. There are international universities offering admission even without the requirement of IELT.

Fully Funded Scholarships 2022 with Low IELTS

If you have a low IELT score, we have taken out time to outline a detailed list of all European, Canadian, or colleges and universities in the US that are accepting 5.5+ Band of IELTS scores from all over the world for admission on different types of scholarship.

The scholarships in Europe are usually fully funded that are offered to international students.
Let’s go through a list of some detailed information about the scholarships with low IELTS score requirements below:

Study Abroad on Fully Funded Scholarships 2022 with Low IELTS Scores

Following is actually a complete list of fully funded scholarships 2022 with low IELTS that are actually open for applications with the lowest possible IELT requirement.

  1.  National University of California Scholarships: IELTS requirement: 5+

    The national university goal is to provide a legacy, freshmen, third party, and of course merit scholarships for deserving candidates. Most of the scholarship that is offered by this university usually offers a 50%v tuition reduction. This university has an acceptance rate of 37%. This makes this scholarship a very competitive one.

  2.  Missouri State University Scholarship: IELTS Requirements: 5.5+

    The Missouri State University usually offers a wide range of scholarships, and this usually includes the Missouri State Advantage Scholarship, A+ Recognition Scholarship, Missouri State Promise Scholarship and Missouri Boys State and Girls State Leadership Awards.
    This university also offers a combined GPA and a standardized test score scholarship, GPA-only scholarship, and inclusive excellence scholarships. The acceptance rate in this university is quite tough, and they are usually quite selective, with an acceptance rate of 88%.

  3.  Southeast Missouri University Scholarship: IELT Requirements: 5.5+

    When it comes to English proficiency the Southeast Missouri State University requires IELT-a minimum overall score of 5.5 from applicants. This university actually offers international students scholarships for graduates, international student scholarships, students that are in their first year, non-residents alumni awards, international academic excellence awards, and also endowed scholarships.
    In the past couple of years, the Southeast Missouri State University acceptance rate has been 93%.

  4.  Concordia University Scholarship: IELTS Requirement: 6.5+

    This is without a doubt yet another excellent university in Canada. Concordia University helps by offering different scholarships like undergraduate, entrance, bursary program, an undergraduate in-course bursary program, the Concordia application-based awards, external scholarships and so much more.
    This university has an acceptance rate of 86%.

  5.  Quest University Scholarship: IELTS Requirements: 6.6+

    Canada’s Quest University helps by providing a wide range of scholarships to international students under different degree programs. They include the following; Bachelor’s of Arts, engineering and sciences, medical, law, and business admission scholarship.
    The scholarships that are been offered by the Quest University are usually presidential, Canadian academic performance scholarship, LEAP scholarship, and Gap year scholarship. This Quest University has an acceptance rate of 80%.

  6.  Telecom Paris Scholarship: IELTS Requirements: 5.5+

    Telecom Paris is regarded as a top university in France that requires English Proficiency for Telecom Paris University IELTS of at least 5.5 bands. This university offers numerous programs to international students, and they include the following technology, modeling, and theoretical aspects.
    One of the most famous scholarships that are been offered by the Telecom Paris university is usually merit-based and need-based, the France Excellence scholarship and grants from the telecom Paris alumni foundation. This scholarship is usually regarded as one of the best in France. They have an acceptance rate of 88%.

  7.  University of British Columbia Scholarships: IELTS Requirement: 6.0+

    The University of British Columbia usually offers up to $30 million annually in terms of scholarships, financial awards, and scholarships. This university usually includes significant entrance scholarships, outstanding international student awards, postgraduate scholarships, and the Karen McKellin International leaders of tomorrow awards.
    The eligibility criteria for this scholarship is that students must actually be international students. And Also have actually been accepted into an undergraduate program at UBC, and must actually show proof of a powerful academic record. The acceptance rate to this university as of 2021 was 52.4%.

  8.  EURAXXES Scholarship: IELTS Requirement: 6.5+

    This is regarded as one of the leading programs in the UK and is been offered by the British Council for all the national and international researchers. It actually aids and funds the researchers in helping them conduct their research or find jobs that are either within the UK or outside the UK.
    This European scholarship is very much available for postgraduate, post-doctorate, and experienced researchers. There is absolutely no registration fee for this scholarship program.
    To obtain more information about this scholarship, you can as well visit their official site.

  9.  UK Rhodes Scholarships: IELTS Requirement: 6.5+

    Rhodes is known to be a global scholarship program that allows applicants or candidates from every part of the world to actually pursue either an MSc or Ph.D. degree. Each year about 100 scholarships is been awarded to each student.
    The duration of this scholarship is usually 2 years, this scholarship helps in covering both housing and monthly allowance with airfares.

  10.  McGill University Scholarship for International Students: IELTS Requirement: 6.5+

    Canada’s McGill University actually offers scholarships for more than 40,000 students, this scholarship is known to be one of the best in Canada. Students can actually get admission under different degrees, and this includes art, science, engineering, medicine, and management.
    This university provides various scholarships like a one-year entrance scholarship, Atlantic Provinces Scholarship, and McCall MacBain Prestige Entrance Scholarships.
    All of these scholarships are actually open to all students. Keep in mind that preferences will be given to students that are from the Atlantic region and international students. The McGill scholarship is actually based on high-level academic performance.
    To add to that, around 2021, the McGill scholarship acceptance rate was about 33.6%. This university also accepts students that have a minimum internet-based TOEFL score of 86. This is if IELT isn’t available at the moment.

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