Airbnb App – How Does Airbnb App Work

Airbnb App

Airbnb App – How Does Airbnb App Work

Hello there! Are you a landlord or an accommodation agent or perhaps you are in search of accommodation in Nigeria? Have you heard about The Airbnb app? Airbnb app is an app that enhances the online marketplace, where people who seek accommodation get to meet landlords who are willing to rent, lease or sell out their homes to people that are looking for accommodations in specified locations.

Airbnb App

With over a decade in existence, Airbnb covers over a hundred thousand (more than 100,000) cities and towns with over 200 countries from around the world. Airbnb also provides people an easy, very relative, and stress-free way to make money from their legible properties.

For every online service, there is always a disadvantage attached to them, for Airbnb, not getting your desired or expected home or house from an agent or a landlord might be one of its disadvantages, and also as a landlord, not being able to meet your contact physically first before letting out your house might be a con to you.

How Does Airbnb App Works

Notwithstanding the cons of using this service, Airbnb also has got too many good testimonials from its loyal users. In the world of hospitality, Airbnb has revolutionized the system of hospitality by making it easier for travelers who would like to book a hotel or a hostel for their trip to another country or town.

As a host or a property owner who would love to make extra money with effortless ease online by renting out your spare home, room, or space to people visiting the area around you, then Airbnb is an app that you should consider installing into your device to get started. Below are the procedures involved in installing or signing up either as a host or a property owner on Airbnb on your device?

Installing Airbnb?

  • Go to your app store; search “Airbnb” on the search field
  • Click on install or get, depending on the device you are installing with (either Android or iOS)
  • After installing, launch the app by tapping on the app’s icon

Then follow the same steps stated below

How to Sign Up Both in App and Site

However, if you are signing from the app and the site these steps below are helpful;

  • Visit the Airbnb website by clicking on
  • Create an account by clicking on “Sign Up”
  • Enter your current and an active email address into the space bar that has “email address”
  • Type in your active mobile Phone number
  • You could sign up with either your Google account, Facebook account, or your Apple ID

Trying to Book a Space or Room Via Airbnb?

  • Login in to your already created account, most times you could be asked to verify your account
  • Indicate your current based location, input the current date and then click on search.
  • After locating your ideal accommodation, make a booking reserve. Note that sometimes, bookings won’t be validated until your host accepts your offer.
  • Make your payments, before payment ensure you are not paying a scammer.
  • After payments, a notification would be sent to you that contains the address of where you had booked.

And with this, you should be able to book a room via Airbnb.